Bargaining update for Sept. 28th Morning

Good morning,

Just a quick update on bargaining, as promised at the general meeting.

We met with the employer yesterday afternoon and will meet with the employer again this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. We were told at the last session with the employer that they would be “crystallizing” the savings plan over the summer and when we met again in the fall that they would be bringing that to the table. That did not happen. We left the table yesterday with the agreement that when we meet today, both sides will get back to work on the items on the table. The employer did bring an offer of money to the table for the first time . . .

Movement? Yes, there is some movement. The Essential Services Order (ESO) is filed with the Labour Relations Board (LRB) and we expect that it will be finalized at some point today. The Goodwill Agreement between the employer and the Local was signed off on yesterday, is complete and in place.

The employer and the Local also mutually agreed to extend the strike mandate to October 13th, 2012. We still have the option to elect for job action at any time, if so desired. The bargaining committee have two conference calls this morning with the Universities Coordinated Bargaining Committee (UCBC) prior to going back into negotiations this afternoon.

On Monday, October 1st, the bargaining committee will meet with the other university bargaining groups in Vancouver for strategic planning regarding job action and coordinating efforts across the university sector.

Expect job action to follow in the very near future; the bargaining committee will keep you up to date as much as possible as things progress, possibly with daily updates. Please consider keeping next Wednesday lunch hour free in the event we call a meeting upon our return from Vancouver concerning job action.

In solidarity,