Your support of us, is ultimately support for you.

The local is in a legal strike position and our members will be striking at the entrance to UNBC on Thursday, 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. It is expected that all CUPE members, who are not part of the Essential Services Order or the Good Will Agreement will be present at the entrance to UNBC. The members at the hospital, should leave the hospital and advised to join up at the entrance to UNBC. The members in the regions should leave the campus.

To the students of UNBC: Why we would like your support ? CUPE members on campus in the performance of their job do many job functions to assist and enable your time at UNBC to be the best education for your money. CUPE also supports a scholarship at UNBC, campaigns on a national basis for proper funding for Post Secondary Education ( the WTF campaign ) and to lessen the student debt load. Many of you are training for professions that are either represented by CUPE,  BCGEU, COPE, HEU, BCTF all organizations that our members go out of their way to support in their efforts for fair wages, respect in the work place, job security and other important issues.  In other words, CUPE is there for you. If there is a cause that is important to the students, we are there for you and will assist where we can. All we ask if for you to do the same. So on Thursday, please leave the campus at 1:00 p.m. and come join us on the picket line. Say hello, shake a hand and be prepared to be warmly welcomed. Talk to your instructor about your actions, even bring them along ! We have spent over 2.5 years and over 35 meetings with the University and still they haven’t brought a reasonable offer to the table or addressed key items of concern to the local.

CUPE 3799 members on the picket line recently with the BCGEU at the Forestry Service Office.

To the Faculty of UNBC: Why should you support us ? You know as well as we do the working conditions at UNBC and the issues when dealing with management. Your organization was actually able to sign an agreement in your last round of bargaining. We are still at that stage, after 2.5 years of trying to get some sort of agreement. You know that CUPE will be there to support you, if you are not able to get another agreement in a timely fashion. So please make a personal decision, leave the campus, bring your students, and join us on the front line at the entrance to the University.

To the general public !

Please people as you drive by, show your support by honking your horn, give a wave !

Then when you get home, send an email to Sheila Page, Lead UNBC Bargaining Team

Eileen Bray, Vice President Finance, UNBC Bargaining Team

Dr. Iwama, President UNBC

Ask them to bring a meaningful counter proposal back to CUPE 3799 that entails a fair wage increase and deals with job security.