Two Issues

Your union has been busy dealing with two issues that have far reaching implications for our members. We need further information of potential other cases that are happening at the University.

1)    Denial of sick leave. In the past three months we have seen a huge increase in the amount of sick leave notes as provided by Dr.’s being denied by Human Resources. The result of this is the member having to use vacation time, leave without pay or medical UI to be able to survive. In many of these causes the employee has filed the necessary paperwork with the employer and it should have been accepted. Are you one of the members affected or know of someone ? Please email me right away so that we can start discussions.

2)    Bullying and Harassment. It has always been an issue at the University and at times it seems to subside, but right now seems to have risen to new level. We have grievances in at present for member – faculty , member – Manager situations and have recently resolved some member – member situations. Several of the members who are dealing with sick leave issues are there because they were bullied at work. Are you one of the silent ones ? Please come forward. We don’t have to file a grievance but do need to know about your situation and can advise you on potential ways to proceed, leading up to ultimately filing a grievance.  Please contact any shop steward to report and discuss your situation.

In Solidarity,