January general membership meeting – nomination results

Good day,

The general membership meeting on January 30th, 2013 was a nomination meeting for positions on the CUPE Local 3799 Executive Board. Some positions were elected by acclamation:

President – Caroline Sewell;

Chief Shop Steward – Dale Laluk;

Trustee Three Year – Annick Pereira.

The position of Recording-Secretary was vacated by Dawn Gonzalez and remains vacant at this time. This position will be open for nominations at the February 27th, 2013 general membership meeting.

Sergeant-at-Arms had two nominations from the membership; Dawn Gonzalez let her name stand as did Craig Norton. This position will be elected at the February general membership.

There are also two openings for the Occupational Health and Safety Committee – Odd Year, both for the main seat and for the alternate position on the Committee. These two positions will be open for nomination at the February general membership meeting.

Congratulations to returning members.

If you have considered becoming more active in the workings of the Local, please consider letting your name stand for the positions currently vacant.

In solidarity,