Dealing with Distressed People in the Workplace

CUPE #3799 partnered with Human Resources to bring forward a brown bag lunch time session on dealing with distressed people on the front line. Dr. Glen Schmidt gave an excellent presentation about:

  • How do you diffuse angry individuals? How do you deflect anger?;
  • How to communicate effectively with persons in various emotional conditions, including depressed, drug-induced, psychotic, etc.;
  • Recognize the source of anger;
  • How not to personalize the direction of anger; and
  • How to be aware of your surroundings and aware of preventative measures!

The session was recorded and is available via elluminate.

The powerpoint presentation from the presentation is also available

It is large (22 mb ) and will take a few minutes to download

Thanks to CUPE President Caroline Sewell, Sheila Page HR Director, Mandi Schwarz Chair of the Education Committee for organizing the event. Kara Taylor was the one who first brought forward the idea of the session and has taken part in the discussions ever since.

Special thanks to Dr. Schmidt for his “expert” presentation, content and relaying his experiences over the years concerning dealing with distressed people.