CUPE, CLC launch united response to defend union security

Conservative attacks on free trade unions are growing. CUPE and the Canadian Labour Congress are standing up to take action.

Bill C-377 represents an unprecedented intrusion into the independent affairs of all unions.

Cuts to Employment Insurance, Old Age Security and other services within the context of fiscal austerity, the elimination of the Fair Wages and Hours of Labour Act, along with regressive changes to the Temporary Foreign Workers Program all represent an ongoing attack on ordinary working Canadians by the Harper Conservative government aimed primarily at driving down wages and weakening organized labour.

And on the horizon is a legislative attack on union security, which will seek to introduce regressive U.S.-style anti-labour legislation in Canada for the first time.

The scale of attacks requires a united response. A resolution passed at the Canadian Labour Congress outlines a plan of action to reach out to all 3.3 million members of the CLC with a comprehensive campaign to reinforce the value of union membership and unions, to build union pride and to create the necessary conditions for members to head off and resist any and all legislative attacks on union security and the independence and autonomy of Canadian trade unions.

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