You can do better

Many of us have wanted to have that awkward conversation with a friend about a relationship that is clearly unhealthy for them.  Talking to friends about politics can be equally awkward.

CUPE BC launched  today as part of our campaign to help you have the talk with your family, friends and neighbours about what’s at stake in the upcoming BC Election on May 14th.

Help spread the word. Visit the website and share the video on your Facebook page or Twitter feed. Or, if you’re not engaged in social media, please forward this email to you contact list and let them know that after 12 years with the BC Liberals it might be time to find someone else.

Our campaign’s success depends on your action right now:

  1. Visit and enjoy the campaign video.
  2. Share the video with your friends and family or forward on this email.
  3. Take your friends and family to vote on May 14th and help change BC for the better.