Support Staff welcome new start at UNBC.

For new students, faculty and staff arriving on campus at the University of Northern British Columbia, for the start of a new year & a new term, welcome! For those of you coming back to the university for another year, for those faculty members coming back to take on another workload, welcome back! For those that have been here for years – whether trying to finish your degree, teaching for the fifth year, or a staff member of fifteen years, we welcome your smiling faces back to the fold for yet another year.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), is composed of the support staff at UNBC. Who are the CUPE members on campus? CUPE Local 3799 is composed of 340 – 370 people that keep the campus running on a day to day basis.

We are composed of those in Facilities who maintain our grounds, set up tables for events, and operate our power plants; we are the Administrative Assistants who take in course work for students, assist Faculty with staying organized and on track; we are the Information Technology group who take care of everything from greeting you at the Service Desk assisting you with setting up your e-mail on your phone to maintaining the entire campus’ infrastructure; we are the staff that maintain video conferences and lecture halls; we are the group that ensure your classes are scheduled, your course load leads you to a successful degree and maintain your transcripts; the Local works with International Programs; we have members in the Wellness Centre, Peer Support Network, Advising, and the First Nations area to work with students; our staff makes up those in the Cashiers that smile and explain all the charges on your account;  our staff takes care of booking your rooms for classes, for scheduling equipment allocation, for event planning; our job is to support you in learning or to support you in teaching.

Welcome (or welcome back) to UNBC. It’s going to be an awesome year – let’s get to it.


Caroline Sewell


CUPE Local 3799 – support staff at UNBC