Tuition Waiver Grievance Resolve. Call out to the membership

Your union has a potential resolve with UNBC over the members who were denied the tuition waiver for children over the age of 25. The two members who we knew were denied the waiver, will be credited the monies they have paid for tuition.

We had hoped to review the paperwork that UNBC would have concerning members who were denied. The University has put forward that they don’t keep such information, rather just writing on the form and returning it to the member. We have indications from the membership that many people were affected but no actual names other than the two mentioned above.

As such we need our membership to come forward and claim your benefit that is due to you. Do you have a child, over the age of 25 that was denied the tuition waiver and that you paid for them to attend UNBC ? You don’t need the canceled application form from UNBC but rather print off a copy of the tuition receipt and submit them to Sheila Page for payment. We would encourage you to send a copy of the print out to the union office as well, so that we can verify everything is processed.

If you know a former UNBC employee from the CUPE bargaining group whose children were denied the tuition waiver please pass this email along to them and have them contact myself or John Orlowsky to work on getting them a refund as well.

In Solidarity,