Voice your concerns: Tell your MP not to gamble with passenger safety.

The federal government is looking to change for all air carriers the ratio of flight attendants to passengers. At present, some airlines, such as Westjet have already sought and received a reduction. They used to staff at a 40:1 ratio and now it is 50:1.

For the typical 737-800 that flies into Prince George that means one less flight attendant on board. The very first impact on passengers is they no longer offer a full snack service on the flight, which they say has always been an issue on the short trip. It is an issue when you don’t adequately staff the plane. If they can’t get you a drink of cola in an hour long flight what makes them think they can get you safely off the plane in the case of an issue ? Why has the 40:1 ratio been fine for all of these years and now they want to play with our safety ? Corporate profits basically.

Please sign the petition to stop the wholesale sell-off of our flight safety.

Further update: There is another web site that is gathering signatures against this government change. This one is being lead by the Flight Attendants themselves.