Raise the Alarm on March 31: Day of Action for a new Health Accord

The federal government is taking several steps to systematically destroy our Universal Medical Care system. The Health Council was recently shut down by Harper and the changes ahead they have put into motion will dramatically shut down the medicare system and put us in line with the US system. Would you like to have to pay $30,000 to have a child, pay $100,000 for surgery or be able to go to a hospital in Canada and know it won’t cost your future, your home, or possibly a family member. Please stand up to Harper and lets save Canada !

WHY:  The federal-provincial Health Accord expires March 31, 2014. Since 2011, Ottawa has refused to meet with the Premiers to sign a new Accord. Instead, the federal Conservative government plans to cut $36 billion from public health care.

WHAT:  We are encouraging activists across the country to connect with their provincial and local health coalitions to support events and/or organize their own events that will educate Canadians about the federal Conservatives’ refusal to negotiate a new Health Accord.

WHEN:  CUPE will be working with the Canadian Health Coalition to Raise the Alarm about the expiry of the 2004 Health Accord.

HOW:  Hold a rally, write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, share information online, distribute pamphlets, set up a workplace information table or organize a public forum. Any action, big or small, is important!

If you are interested in organizing an event or would like to order posters, leaflets, postcards, or buttons, contact the campaign coordinator:

  • Mary Catherine McCarthy 613-237-1590, ext 203, mmccarthy@cupe.ca. Please let her know what you are planning so we can add it to this website and let others know.

What you can do:

Learn more about events organized by the Canadian Health Coalition.

Download a poster to promote the Day of Action.

Learn more about the Health Accord.

Download a CHC postcard, demanding action from our federal leaders.

Visit the website of the Campaign to Protect, Strengthen and Expand Medicare.