Call out to CUPE3799 members to join the teachers on the line

The provincial government has locked out teachers across the province. The teachers are not allowed to be on school grounds until 45 minutes before class, not over breaks, not over lunch and have to leave by 45 minutes after the class.

Instead of bargaining in a a fair fashion the government has also docked 10% of their wages as a threat to settle on the offer that was put forward by the government.

So on Thursday the Prince George District Teacher Association is conducting a full walk out. The teachers have decided around the province to do these job actions in a rotating fashion so that the rest of the week, they are available for the students in this critical time of the school year. This is being hampered by the lockout imposed by the government.

Two ways you can help on Thursday. Go to any school and join the walk out line. Bring some refreshments, a smile and offer to walk the line.

Thursday afternoon there will be a Fair Deal  rally to protest the lack of funding for the schools at Shirley Bonds office ( sounds familar doesn’t it to the University situation ). The walk starts at 3:30, Rally at 4:00 but even if you can head down after work, they will still be there and appreciate your support.