Upcoming Local Civic Election and advanced voting.

As always we encourage our members to get out and vote ! There is even a provision in our collective agreement to ensure you have a 4 hour clear window to vote. For the upcoming local civic election, as a UNBC employee in Prince George we have an advantage. On Thursday November 13th there will be an advanced poll at UNBC from 8:00 am to 8:00 p.m.  in the Agora. No matter what area of the city you live in, you can vote at UNBC. If you miss that day, the regular voting day is Saturday November 15th.

This election is probably more important than any in the past, as a local election. You will be voting in representatives for a 4 year term, up from three years. There is no way to recall a local representative.  It is imperative to get knowledgable in where the candidates stand on the issues, what are their overall political alliances, establish communications with them.

Plus, because you voted in advance you can assist your friends and family in getting out to vote on Saturday November 15th.

Further information about the election is available on the city web site.