More information concerning Faculty job action at UNBC and CUPE Support

Hello all,

Taking a break over the lunch hour to send a general update to the membership. I know there are many questions and much concern with the Faculty Association job action, which may possibly start on Thursday morning depending on negotiations that continue this week.

First things first, CUPE will be backing the Faculty Association and will be joining them on their picket line. Union solidarity is based on banding together and supporting each other; it is my hope and understanding that the Faculty Association will join us and support us in any future job action.

Uncertainty is the part most of us struggle with currently – how long will this job action last? Is it going to be full scale job action throughout? I have no crystal ball and I cannot answer these questions.

Please check the Local’s website for updates every day: It may not be possible to contact members directly so I am putting the onus on you as a CUPE Local 3799 member to check the website for information each day.

A flow chart showing how CUPE BC and CUPE National Strike Pay work. CUPE BC pays $15.00 a day/5 days a week to a total of $75.00 a week starting on the 3rd day of job action; CUPE National pays $60.00 a day/5 days a week to a total of $300.00 a week starting on the 10th day of job action. That means by the 10th day, those spending 20 hours a week on the picket line will be receiving $75.00 a day. I suspect that it would take a week or two for payment from CUPE National to reach our hands before individual cheques could be written for those on the lines.

When arriving for picket duty, please meet up with a Picket Captain and sign in; ensure you sign out when you leave the line as well.

If you start work early in the day before picket lines are established, or work after hours once a picket line is taken down, or work on the weekends when there is no picket line set up, please keep track of your time and submit the time worked to both your manager/supervisor and to the CUPE office to ensure that you are paid accordingly. If you are working on campus when a picket line is set up, please leave the workplace and if time allows, join the picket line.

The extend of CUPE involvement in this job action is honoring the picket line established and supporting our fellow union, the FA; if a picket line is not set up where you are working, you can continue working as usual. If your worksite is not being picketed at all, such as at UHNBC, please report to work as normal. If an information line is established, such as what is being planned for CNC/UNBC campus in Quesnel, you can continue on with your workday as per usual.

If you haven’t done so already, please forward on current contact information. Debby Foster has been elected as the Sergeant-At-Arms, you can contact her directly at

Maintain contact with your CUPE Executive if you are experiencing undue hardship due to the job action

Caroline Sewell


CUPE Local 3799