First day of supporting UNBC FA is over, now onto day 2 ! Way to go CUPE 3799

I must say thanks to all of you CUPE members who came out today and walked the picket line with the faculty. They have repeatedly expressed their appreciation of your support. One on the basic tenants of being in a union is solidarity. That takes on many different forms and today was a great example of that. Not only was CUPE out in support but so was the North Central Labour Council, PG District Teacher’s Association, and the BC Fed. Ultimately your support will result in a shorter period of being away from work.

Clarification about strike pay and actions. Some people have decided to take an extended 4 day weekend and not be on the picket line. As you haven’t

been on the picket line, it won’t count towards your entitlement period. If the strike goes into next week, and you do start to attend the picket line, you will start off at day 1 of the strike pay process. There is a flow chart about that process on the web site.

Now if the strike is settled, say Friday morning you will have to return to work right away. This might be an issue if you are out of town.

Details for Friday’s support: The shuttle bus will operate between the CN Centre ( park by the soccer fields ) and the University entrance at the following times: 7:30 am to 8:30 am 11:30 to 12:30 and then 2:15 p.m start at the University and head towards to the CN Centre until 2:45 p.m. The faculty have indicated they will be taking down the picket line around 2:30 pm . It is expected that CUPE members will return to their cars parked at the CN Centre and return to the University for work.

In solidarity,