An update on Faculty job action and CUPE #3799 on the line in support

Good day all,

There is no new information to report from the Faculty Association with regards to their job action. I have tried to reach Erik Jensen by phone a couple of times today seeking information but as of this writing, I have not heard from him.

The Faculty Association hosted a rally downtown at the Courthouse this past Saturday, which had a really good turn out from various labour groups across the region, along with some Faculty from across Canada that came into Prince George to support the Faculty Association.

Job action will continue tomorrow morning with CUPE 3799 setting up first thing in the morning.

We are trying to contain the costs associated with this job action and as such, it has been decided to operate the shuttle service for two rounds of picket duty up at the campus as we move forward tomorrow: a 7:30/8:00 a.m. – 11:30 am/noon shift; and a second shift that runs from 11:30 a.m./noon – 3:30/4:30 p.m. shift. The shuttle will run for an hour at the start of a shift, for an hour midway through to change shifts, and then for an hour at the end of the shift to bring people back down to CN Centre.

The picket line will be in operation from 7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.; those that want to take part in job action later in the day will need to find their own mode of transportation to campus.

The Local will have to decide as we move forward with participating in the Faculty picket line if we want to man the CUPE picket line the entire twelve hours that the FA are manning their picket line. If the membership wants to support the line for a certain time period (like a four hour window or a 6 hour window of time), we need to have that conversation. Bring your ideas to us and let’s have the conversation as we walk.

The Executive will be trying to coordinate with the FA to share a shuttle service moving forward. Please keep an eye on this website for more information.

Please take the time you are on picket duty to talk with the Faculty regarding their job action; it’s a great time to find out what the problems are that the Faculty are facing and a great time to share your empathy or concerns regarding the job action.

In solidarity,

Caroline Sewell
CUPE Local 3799
University of Northern
British Columbia