Recommended parking locations at UNBC if you bring your vehicle during the strike

UNBC Strike Parking
UNBC Strike Parking

This post is just in preparation that the strike will continue at this point in time. We have had no indication or change of status at this time.

As there is limited parking available on top of the hill by University we have been offering a shuttle bus service. That was been working great for the

majority of people. In order to address some safety concerns from the public and the City of Prince George bylaw enforcement we suggest the following:

No parking at all in the red zones. Even though there isn’t NO PARKING signs in all of those areas we are finding that vehicles parked in those areas are posing an issue with the picketers having to walk around the vehicle, and close to traffic.

Encouraged to park in the blue zones.The city would like to see the corner area by the green way turn off left clear for 7 or 8 car lengths as the transit buses have been using that space to turn around.

Yellow zone is for people unloading supplies for the line or a valid handicapped tag.

We are still encouraging people to take the shuttle buses as much as possible. There is very limited space available for parking as we all know. As always please think of safety and if someone had to pass your vehicle is there enough room.