Urgent update on parking allowed on UNBC property !

We had posted before that parking would be allowed on the greenway access road, that is no longer allowed !!!! Technically we are not allowed to park on UNBC property and that access way belongs to UNBC, but that is not the reason why they want us to stop parking there. With the amount of vehicles parked there today the road is down to single lane traffic and in some cases too narrow for a Fire Truck to get by. Anyone who was on the line today as both a Fire Truck and Ambulance had to access the University can attest we in no way want to hamper emergency response. Please people do not park there.

There is also a group of people who use that roadway to get to the daycare and with the single lane traffic it is posing issues with sight lines and oncoming traffic. It is ultimately best to take the shuttle, or park in the blue outlined areas. Bylaw enforcement will be issuing tickets for people parking by a no parking sign.

No parking in the Red Zone

Park in the Blue Zone !

We were also reminded that the yellow zone is technically on the University grounds and our tent and vehicles shouldn’t be there, but at this time the University management agrees to leave us there unless an issue with safety or access comes up.

UNBC Strike Parking Update
UNBC Strike Parking Update