CUPE 3799 Job Action in support of the UNBC FA Update.

The Faculty and the University spent Friday preparing counter proposals with an eye to meeting on Saturday. The Faculty presented their counter proposal on Saturday and the employer took the proposal away to prepare another counter proposal.

Suffice it to say – there is no agreement between the employer and the Faculty Association.

The university contacted CUPE this weekend with regards to the upcoming pay period due on March 20th.

One thing needs to be clarified to all members: the Friday, March 6th payday included all pay due to members up to and including that payday. The university does not hold back a week as some believe. In other words, all monies owed for time worked up to March 6th has been paid out on the March 6th paycheque.

Having said that, the university has offered to anyone who has overtime in an overtime bank, an opportunity to cash in their overtime hours for the upcoming pay period. If you have an overtime bank, and you wish to cash it in, please contact Michelle Niebergall by email at: before the end of the day tomorrow, Monday, March 16th.

Your CUPE Executive are currently seeking detailed information on strike pay. Strike pay is paid by CUPE BC after on the third day of job action, and CUPE National strike pay kicks in on the 10th day of active picket duty, or will kick in this week as of Wednesday, March 18th,  for those that have been on the picket line consistently from day one of job action. If you did not start picket duty on the first day, you will be delayed in receiving strike pay from CUPE National.

If you did not start picket duty on Thursday, March 5th, CUPE National strike pay will not start on March 18th, it will start on the 10th day of your active picket duty.

For those members of CUPE 3799 that have chosen not to participate in picket duty, you are not eligible for strike pay. If you want to join those on the line each day, you will begin to accrue time and will be eligible for strike pay accordingly. Picket duty is accrued, 4 hours a day, 5 days a week that the picket line is up and functioning. The weekends do not count as the picket line is not up on Saturday or Sunday.

The Executive needs further confirmation from our National Rep on the structure of strike pay before we can inform members of when to expect strike pay, whether from CUPE BC or CUPE National. Please bear with us as we are new to this and we don’t want to pass on information that is not accurate.

We are very aware that every person on the picket line wants more information on when they can expect payment, I hope to have clarification within the next day or two.

Caroline President CUPE 3799