EI / UI / Are we covered ? No we aren’t / Yes we are ( Who knows for sure ?)

Since the job action has started there has been discussion concerning EI coverage. The employer had provided the membership with a view that yes we could apply, but that basically there would be no benefit provided. At our special general membership meeting this came up again, and we advised members to apply, if they wished. Why not, there is no harm if denied. The

employer has indicated it will take them 20 minutes to prepare each record of employment. Today some members have indicated that they have applied and are now in receipt of EI.

As so many of these process and procedures are outside of the control of our local and trying to get a firm answer has been prohibitive we must rely on people’s actual experiences.

Long and short of it, apply if you wish and best of luck with the process.

A question to ask while discussing with a EI representative would be what if any are the requirements for repayment and any potential future ramifications of claiming EI.