General update for #CUPE3799 members regarding FA Action at UNBC

We haven’t heard anything from the Faculty Association nor the Administration of the University regarding negotiations, so Wednesday, March 18th will be another day on the picket line for those of you taking part in job action.

I have spent the day working on strike pay. Good news from CUPE National, we have confirmed that strike pay will run as per calendar days, not active picket duty days as we were originally advised. For those of you that started active picket duty on Thursday, March 5th – you have reached day 10 as of Monday this week! The Executive will be meeting tomorrow and we will do our best to get cheques ready for this upcoming Friday, March 20th.

With just a quick look at numbers – and these numbers aren’t finalized yet, there’s still more work to do this evening – the CUPE membership the FA job action have been on the line for over 4,900 hours since the 5th of the March. Good job! The Faculty Association appreciate the efforts of those CUPE members out on the line, supporting them through their job action.

Regarding the money donated by the Faculty Association, the common thread coming in to the Executive is that people want the money donated (to date, two $10,000.00 cheques) to be split equally by those on the picket line – this has not been decided yet as Deb Nielsen hasn’t yet sent out a Doodle Poll to the membership to confirm one way or the other. I am just commenting on the e-mails and personal conversations I have had with members on the line. Please look for an e-mail from Deb to be sent out via your CUPE e-mail address in the very near future. Distribution of these funds will wait on the results.

We continue to use the university e-mail system at this point in time for some things, this e-mail included. We are still in need of personal e-mail addresses so that we can make a complete distribution list separate from the UNBC e-mail system. If you have not sent in contact information to date – please email Debby Foster with current contact information at . If you do not check your UNBC e-mail, all e-mails sent out to the address are re-posted on the website; please check the website for the most up to date information.

For those of you in hardship situations, the Union has been in contact with the University and we have been in discussion on how to proceed; please look for an e-mail in the next day or two once things have been confirmed.

While working through sign in sheets today, it was noted that some people may not fully understand the role of picketing when it comes to receiving strike pay. Several members are attending the line consistently for two or two and a half hours. To be eligible for strike pay, you need to be on the picket line for four hours each day of the week, in this case, Monday – Friday. A two hour shift does not qualify you for strike pay; you need to be on the line for a four hour shift for the day to be credited towards receiving strike pay.

Sarah Elliot contacted the Local again today regarding parking. The Greenway entranceway is problematic; those parking on this roadway will be ticketed starting tomorrow. The rationale? This entrance is a main roadway for emergency vehicles to access many of the buildings on campus, if the roadway is congested with vehicles, emergency responders cannot get through. If you have been parking on this road, please be forewarned that you will be ticketed.

In solidarity,