Message from the FA President concerning their donations

Good morning Caroline:

This message is just to clarify the intention behind our $20,000 solidarity donation to CUPE 3799. This donation was made to recognize the extraordinary solidarity shown by your members who have been standing alongside us on the UNBC-FA picket lines. UNBC-FA members have been truly inspired by the sacrifice made by your members who have been standing with us despite very minimal strike pay. We know that the sum we donated and the individual donations of UNBC-FA members cannot go very far. But we hope that the money will assist at least some of the members who have given us such amazing support on the picket line.

I hope you will also convey our deep gratitude to your members. The solidarity we have established through this difficult process will form a strong foundation for both unions in the future. We will not forget the sacrifice your members have made for us.

Sincerely, and in solidarity,