A Q & A regarding strike pay at CUPE3799

A  Q & A regarding strike pay.

How was strike pay calculated??

Sign in sheets  were available each day of picket duty. Members were expected to sign in at the start of picket duty and sign out again at the end of each shift. If you did not sign in/out – you were not considered to be on the picket line. Exceptions were made for those that were duly noted for signing in but were unable to sign out. If you were on the picket line for four hours, you were counted for being on the picket line for four hours.

Each shift needed to be at least four hours in duration. If you signed in and signed out but only were on the picket line for 2 hours, that day did not count for strike duty pay.

There is a two day qualification period, regardless of when you started picket duty. If you started picket duty on March 5th, that was day one for you. If you started picket duty on March 19th, that was day one of the qualification period for you.

After a two day qualification period, CUPE BC kicks in for the next five day period at $15.00 per day. Again, if you actively picketed each day from March 5th through to March 13th, you are qualified to receive $75.00 for the first full week (March 9th – 13th). Two day qualification period (March 5th and 6th), five days of active picket duty CUPE BC strike pay (March 9th – 13th).

For those that started actively picketing on March 5th, CUPE National strike kicked in as of March 16th. You would be entitled to CUPE BC for the first week (March 9th – 13th for a total of $75.00) plus $75.00 per day thereafter on the picket line starting on March 16th.

For those on the picket line from March 5th every day, you should have received a strike pay cheque totaling $300.00.

If you were actively picketing starting March 5th, but missed a day between March 16th – 18th, you will be not be entitled to strike pay for the days you missed.

Approved Leaves – what about those??

If you were approved leave prior to job action, and you took the leave, you received pay for your leave from the employer. If your approved leave was denied, please contact a Shop Steward and a grievance will be put forward on your behalf.

If you were on approved leave and performed picket duties (which some members did do), you would be qualified to receive strike pay for the days on the picket line in addition to pay from the employer.

What if I was sick?? I contacted the CUPE rep as I was advised to do . . .

If you were unable to perform picket duties and submitted a request to be excused due to illness, your time was allocated to active picket duty. If you feel that your time was not allocated, please contact me directly at csewell@cupe.ca.

What if I don’t agree with the calculations for my strike pay??

Send an e-mail outlining why you don’t feel the calculation is right directly to me, again, csewell@cupe3799.ca and I will print out all e-mails and submit them to the Secretary-Treasurer (and Executive members) dealing with disputes. We will contact you regarding your payment. If an error has been made, it will be corrected.

Is there more strike pay due to us?? When will we get it??

Yes. My understanding at this point in time, CUPE BC will pay the first two days ($15.00 a day) at the end of job action by the Faculty Association; CUPE National will pay an additional $120.00 per member that qualified for CUPE National strike pay (the 10th day of active picketing duty). As the FA have not yet signed an agreement, that payment will be outstanding until an agreement is in place. Payment will be processed upon a signed agreement.

What if the Faculty Association goes out again??

The Executive is seeking clarification on this. Our understanding is that things will continue with strike pay if the Faculty Association goes out on strike again as it is part of the initial job action. For those on the lines all 12 days, you do not need to meet the qualification period again, you are qualified for both CUPE BC and CUPE National strike pay moving forward from day #1 of any job action. For those that did not meet the qualification period, your time on the picket line will be carried forward towards earning CUPE BC and/or CUPE National strike pay.

Gift cards/Food Bank??

More than 35 members entered into the draw for the 14 gift cards given to the membership. Names were entered into a draw on Friday and those that won the draw were contacted individually.

The food bank started by Eileen Bray and contributed to by members “inside during job action” was well received. Many members came down to the CUPE Boardroom once items were moved from the CUPE Regional Office on Friday and took what they feel they needed to sustain them. The food bank has gone down considerably but there are still items available. If you want to check out what is available, please contact a member of the Executive on Monday and they will be happy to meet you at the boardroom so you can pick up anything you need.

Further questions??

Contact any member of the Executive:


Caroline Sewell                                 President                                            csewell@cupe3799.ca

Dale Laluk                                            Vice President                                   dlaluk@cupe3799.ca

Michelle Stephen                            Secretary-Treasurer                       mstephen@cupe3799.ca

Annette Doyle                                  Recording-Secretary                       adoyle@cupe3799.ca

Andrew Whyte                                 Chief Shop Steward                        awhyte@cupe3799.ca

Debby Foster                                     Sergeant-at-Arms                            dfoster@cupe3799.ca

Annick Pereira                                   Trustee                                                apereira@cupe3799.ca

Matthew Bellerive                          Trustee                                                mbellerive@cupe3799.ca

William Koocher                               Trustee                                                bkoocker@cupe3799.ca


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