2015 April Special General Membership Meeting

A special general membership meeting is being called for Tuesday, April 14th to address two pressing matters.

1.            CUPE BC Convention. The Local has seven credentials to attend CUPE BC Convention this year being held April 28th – May 2nd, 2015 in Vancouver. Given job action by the Faculty Association, selecting delegates to convention has not happened yet. Notice was given at both the January and February general membership meetings that the matter of CUPE BC Convention delegates needed to be addressed but we were unable to attend to that business matter at either meeting. Currently, five Executive members and two general members have submitted a request to attend convention. If you are interested in attending CUPE BC Convention April 28th – May 2nd, please get a leave form approved by your manager prior to the April 14th special general membership meeting and let me know that you are interested in attending. The membership will be polled at the April 14th meeting and a motion put to the floor for the number of delegates to send to convention, and if need be, an election for delegates.

2.            An emergency motion regarding backing up our Local’s e-mail and increasing the quota allotted to e-mail with the service provider we use. The Local has a legal requirement to retain certain records, e-mail being one of them. Currently, the Local’s e-mail has surpassed its e-mail quota and the e-mail is not being backed up. This needs to be addressed in a timely manner. A motion will be coming to the floor to pay $100 to transfer our services with the web provider we use with an additional cost of $85.00 a month for backing up all data, website, and e-mail. Total cost: $1,120.00 for one year.

Please plan on coming out to the meeting.

In solidarity,