Strike Pay – last call for consideration – noon, April 2nd for CUPE Local #3799


This is the last call for anyone that has a concern with strike pay they have received to submit a request for consideration. Cut off will be noon, Thursday, April 2nd.

Michelle Stephen, the Local’s Secretary-Treasurer, has been working diligently through the picket duty sign in sheets, sickness e-mails, and through requests from the membership for re-consideration of strike pay attributed to them, to date.

The Local needs to submit paperwork to CUPE BC and to CUPE National for re-payment of strike pay that our Local has already paid out.

The Executive have followed the procedures put into place by both CUPE BC and CUPE National with regards to determining qualification for strike pay. This is not something decided by the Executive, this is the procedure we are following as outlined by CUPE with regards to calculating strike pay.

For clarification purposes:

The first two 4 hour days that you picket are at zero dollars;

The next five 4 hour days that you picket are paid at CUPE BC rate of $15.00 per day;

For those that met seven, 4 hour days of picketing, qualification for CUPE National strike pay kicked in on March 16th.

For those members that missed days along the way, the same qualification period needs to be met by all, regardless of when you started to participate in job action with picketing. You need to have spent 7 days of 4 hours each day picketing, prior to being considered for CUPE National strike pay.

If you have any concerns you want addressed regarding strike pay, please send an e-mail to Michelle Stephen at .

If you are awaiting a cheque, Debby Foster, the Local’s Sergeant-At-Arms, is holding any remaining written cheques. Please contact Debby at

This has not been an easy time for anyone and the Executive appreciates the patience of all members.