Overwhelmingly people voted and agree that PSE is not adequately funded in BC !

Do you feel the provincial government is adequately funding post secondary education ?

82% of respondents to our weekly survey feel that the provincial government is lacking in providing adequate funding for post secondary education.

Several examples of a lack of funding can be witnessed at our local post secondary institutions.

CNC is looking to shut down the dental hygiene program even though it has full registration, the graduates are getting jobs in the north easily and are highly needed. The program is not being cancelled due to lack of need or use, but rather as it costs a bit more to deliver than other courses.

CNC is also looking at dramatically reducing the clinical counselling services provided to students. Just where exactly are the students going to access such services in Prince George ?Anyone in the know, realizes there are limited free services available. What are available are already over subscribed.

UNBC’s budget is so short, that even cutting one position at the Community Care Centre is being looked upon by management as a good idea. The savings of $90,000 will result in the lost of the ability for the Master of Education and Social Work students to get their clinical experience and provide a low cost public counselling service.

There are many more examples of how post secondary education is not being funded such that they can live up to the mission statement of the institution.

Ask yourself, does the cutting of the Community Care Centre live up to UNBC’s mission statement ? “To improve the quality of life in our region, province and world by attaining the highest standards of undergraduate and graduate teaching, learning, and research. To serve our vast region by nurturing relationships and being innovative, resourceful and responsive to student and community needs. ”

There is a public forum, Monday at 5:00 p.m. CNC Gathering Place. Consider attending to help bring forward solutions to these issues.