CUPE BC Committees that maybe of interest to you. Consider applying

Every two years, CUPE BC Committees stand down at the annual convention. These committees start up again in the fall and are often composed of different members from different Locals across BC.

With the end of CUPE BC Convention this past weekend, all committees stood down.

If you are interested in sitting on a CUPE BC Committee, as listed below, please let me know and I will forward your name to the CUPE BC Executive for consideration. Putting your name forward for a committee does not guarantee a seat on the committee; some committees are very popular and see 50 to 75 people put their forward across BC, some committees are short of members. The average committee is made up of 10 – 15 members. CUPE BC Executive try to form committees, based on requests to sit on committees, from a large spectrum of people across the province.

While this Local will submit your name for consideration to sit on a CUPE BC Committee, CUPE BC pays for all the expenses related to sitting on a committee: airfare, hotel, wages, per diem.

CUPE BC Committees typical meet twice a year for a daily meeting so there is not a large time commitment if you would like to give participation a try – in other words, typically four meetings in two years.

Have a look at the list of committees and let me know in a timely manner if you are interested in being considered. If you would like more information on any of the committees, please let me know.

  1. Anti-contracting out and privatization committee;
  2. Colleges committee (made up of College Local Presidents only);
  3. Committee against racism and discrimination;
  4. Community social services;
  5. Education committee (working with CUPE BC to establish priorities for CUPE education);
  6. Environment committee;
  7. Health committee;
  8. International solidarity;
  9. K-12 committee (made up of K-12 Local Presidents only);
  10. Library committee;
  11. Municipal committee;
  12. Occupational health and safety committee;
  13. Pension committee;
  14. Political action committee;
  15. Transportation;
  16. Universities committee (made up of university Local Presidents only);
  17. Womens’ committee;
  18. Young workers task force (under the age of 30 – this group will take any and all members that apply!! If you are under 30, consider putting your name forward);
  19. Aboriginal working group;
  20. Persons with disabilities working group;
  21. Workers of colour working group;
  22. Pink triangle working group;
  23. Skilled trades working group.

In solidarity,