One Time Vacation Allotment

The updates to CUPE  members’ vacation entitlement, as per the LOU for One Time Vacation Allotment for all  employees who were eligible, has been completed. Balances on the Employee Self Service have been  updated.

As these hours must be used before the end of 2015, when the year-end review of balances is done, PAYROLL will look to insure a member has taken at least the allotment amount plus their carry forward from 2014.  Members do not need to identify on their leave forms they are taking these hours as Payroll won’t be tracking the hours, only confirming close to the end of the year that they were taken.  (If your  supervisor is requiring the information be provided on Leave Forms for their tracking purposes, that’s fine).

Please remember the hours have been pro-rated; if you were working as an essential service person, were on any type of paid leave, or had vacation days paid out during the Faculty job action, your one time vacation allotment will be adjusted based on the hours paid to you by the employer.