General update from the CUPE3799 Executive

Good day all & welcome to the start of another fall term at UNBC,

The CUPE Executive have taken a break over the summer but have re-started their weekly meetings.

Andrew Whyte, the Local’s Chief Shop Steward, has recently stepped down from his role citing personal reasons and a full plate. Andrew has done an amazing job as Chief Shop Steward. Andrew, on behalf of the Executive and the Local, we appreciate all the work you have done for the Local and wish you well moving forward. You bring a lot to the Local and I hope to see you still active in the membership and hopefully back at the Executive table once again.

The Executive is now down three positions which we would like to see filled as quickly as possible: Chief Shop Steward, just vacated by Andrew Whyte; Recording-Secretary, recently vacated by Annette Doyle moving to an exempt position; and one Trustee position, vacated by Bill Koocher retiring.

Nominations for each position will begin with the September meeting. All three of these positions are for a full term as the people elected into the positions assumed their roles in 2015. In other words, Recording-Secretary and Chief Shop Steward positions filled would run to the next odd-year prior to being up for re-election in 2017. The Trustee position is a three year term until 2018. I have attached the Local’s Bylaws to this e-mail, each of the positions duties are outlined in detail. Please consider putting your name forward.

The Recording-Secretary role is not a difficult role, nor is the role of Trustee. The Chief Shop Steward role does require someone that has some experience with being a Shop Steward, though the experience does not have to be from a CUPE background. Training will be provide to anyone that steps forward into any of the roles.

The Executive, including the Trustees, meet weekly each Thursday lunch hour. There is book off time available to do the duties of each role, as applicable. The Trustees for example, meet for a two or three day period once a year to do an audit of all the paperwork processed by the Local – this time is time booked off of work, during the regular work day, paid for by the Local.

I am in the process of booking the general membership meeting times for the upcoming year, which will take into account any changes to regular last Wednesday of the month meeting times that the Executive can foresee. Currently the dates put forward for the monthly general membership meetings for the coming year are as follows (please put in your calendar):

September 23rd – first meeting of the year (moved to accommodate Northern Area District Council school hosted in Quesnel the last week of September);

October 28th;

November 25th;

December 16th (early for the Christmas break – this will be our annual pizza lunch meeting);

January 27th, 2016;

February 24th, 2016;

March 30th, 2016;

April 27th, 2016;

May 25th, 2016; and

June 19th, 2016.

CUPE National Convention is fast approaching; the registration deadline is September 18th. Our Local has three credentials and one alternate position to attend the Convention. To date, three Executive members have put their names forward to attend the convention: Michelle Stephen, Dale Laluk and myself. As the registration needs to be in prior to our first general membership meeting, those three names will go forward to CUPE to be registered. If anyone is interested in attending, please put your name forward now. We will hold an election with names submitted, if any, at the meeting on September 23rd, and the Executive will advise CUPE as to those elected to attend after our September 23rd meeting.  CUPE National Convention will be held November 2nd – 6th, 2015 in sunny Vancouver, BC.

For those of you that put your name forward to sit on the Post-Retirement Benefit Committee, things were stalled with the summer months. I am planning on convening the group in the next couple of weeks with the aid of Blue Jeans for those that want to sit on the committee from the regions. The Local has been in talks with the employer over the summer months and we are prepared to get this group together now to discuss terms of reference and start the ball rolling. If you have put your name forward for the group, please look for an e-mail in the next week or two. If you haven’t previously submitted your name but would like to take part in the discussion, please let me know.

Have a good start of term everyone – it’s going to be a busy few weeks for us all.

In solidarity,