Provincial government delaying upgrades to the CPP for you and me !

This is something that affects all of us. The CPP is the only pension plan that every Canadian is assured to get. It is not enough for the average person to retire on. Why is our provincial government blocking the progress of this process ? ( All the MLA’s get fully indexed pension plans after only 6 years of service, wouldn’t you like such a sweet deal ? ). Please go to the engagement web site and make your opinion known.

Please contact your local MLA’s as well and make your opinion known. Ask them if they will share some of their “golden pension” with you.

In Solidarity,

CUPE 3799


Date:          August 11, 2016

To:              CUPE BC Local Presidents

From:         Trevor Davies, Secretary-Treasurer

RE:        Canada Pension Plan Consultation in BC

 Dear Local President,

Further to Paul Faoro’s letter to Premier Clark (attached) sent on behalf of CUPE BC members urging the Provincial Government to join other provinces across the country to sign onto the agreement to expand the CPP, I am writing to you to ask your Local and members to do the same.

As you know, CUPE and the Canadian Labour Congress have been working to expand the CPP for more than fifty years. The Federal Government is ready to expand the program, but can only do so with a majority of the provinces agreeing to the expansion.  On June 20, 2016, the BC government along with other provinces agreed in principle to expand the program. BC has since delayed signing the agreement in order to consult British Columbians first. We are concerned with British Columbia’s support the expansion of the CPP will not happen.

It is important that the Provincial Government hear from you and your members.  We are asking for locals to send an email directly to Finance Minister Mike de Jong urging the Provincial Government to support expanding the CPP by clicking on: to urge them to sign on to this historic agreement.

The more voices they hear, the greater the chance the BC government will sign the agreement to expand the program.

Thank you for your assistance.

In solidarity,