Bargaining Survey for 2019 bargaining

Bargaining is upon us and so it’s time to reach out to the membership and ask you what are your priorities for this round of bargaining.

We have been working hand in hand with CUPE National to do up a bargaining survey that will be done online via Survey Monkey. Why have we gone this route?

  1. It will be truly anonymous. Unlike the employer’s survey that stated it was anonymous, if you read the terms and conditions of taking part in the survey – which I did – it was not truly anonymous. I refused to the terms and conditions of the last employee online survey and as such, was kicked out of the survey. This bargaining survey is truly anonymous. We are not looking for clues or hints to try to determine where answers are coming from or who is answering. The survey has been designed to make you as anonymous as possible.
  2. We have used Survey Monkey to randomize who gets a survey. CUPE National and your local CUPE Executive have no idea who will get survey #16 or #131. Survey Monkey will only track results that have been returned and prompt those that have not returned their survey a couple of times to try to ensure everyone gets a chance to participate. Who has answered and who has not answered the survey will not be revealed to anyone within CUPE or otherwise.
  3. Through the process of creating the survey, it was determined it would take on average 13 and a half minutes to complete the online survey. That’s not a lot of time; however, during a work day, it is easy to be interrupted. By using a survey company like Survey Monkey, you are able to work on a survey and leave it with an option to come back and complete the survey when it is convenient.
  4. Our Local needs to know the priorities of the Local – this is how decisions are made on what comes to the table and what does not. If you do not complete the survey, no one will speak for you – what is important to you may not come to the table.
  5. We will be 100% transparent and share the results of the bargaining survey with the Local once the data is aggregated.
  6. Yes, we know that Survey Monkey data is hosted in the United States but there is nothing being held by American servers that is of concern. We are not asking for any personal information. The data will be held online until survey until the data is aggregated, and then it will be removed and stored by your Local and CUPE National to help formulate future bargaining surveys and to compare results.
  7. We have decided not to proceed with paper copies with this round of bargaining. All information entered on a paper copy needs to be entered manually by someone which has been hugely time consuming in the past. (I know this personally as I have manually entered about 40% of the paper surveys submitted in the last two rounds of bargaining).

Please take the time to answer the survey – as stated – it will only take about 15 minutes of your day. 

On behalf of your Local Executive & your upcoming elected Bargaining Committee team, thank you!

In solidarity,