The latest seniority listing has been posted.

Any errors noted need to be corrected in a timely manner as per Article 15.02. The process of generating the seniority list is a combination of computer records and manual calculations. Errors in generation of the list should be expected.

Article 15.02 of the Collective Agreement – Seniority List:

An up-to-date seniority list shall be sent to the Union and posted on designated bulletin boards by March 1st of each year. Any objection to the accuracy of the information on the posted list shall be made in writing to the Director of Human Resources within ten (10) working days of the list being posted. Thereafter, the posted list will be deemed tob e valid and correct for all purposes. If an employee is absent from work at the time the list is posted, the period for making known an objection shall be five (5) working days following their return to work.

2019 Seniority List