Picket line update for Wednesday November 13th.

Usually Caroline would be sending out this update but after a long day on the line at UNBC and WIDC, numerous calls with the University, Labour Board and members who even during a strike, in need of representation has asked me to send this update.

Thanks everyone who is on the line with the Faculty and especially those of you who have helped with assisting the Executive with set up, operating and tear down of the line. Believe me it is so welcome to have assistance and frees us up to deal with issues that come up on continual basis.

Today at the Ramada the UNBC Management Team and FA Bargaining team held negotiations. The Executive has not at this time received any indication of how things are going, other than they are at least talking. Here is hoping to a resolve on this matter. At this time all indications are we will be on the picket line again on Thursday.

A message from UNBC Security Manager, please stop parking on UNBC property. During a strike we have to remain clear of University property. This applies to the Northern Sports Centre parking lot and the alternate entrance to the University ( daycare entrance, Forrest of the World, dirt road, cell tower or whatever you want to call it).  The road is property of the University and even parking on the side, is a violation.

We have lots of people ( Faculty and Staff ) who are parking on the side of the Tyner Boulevard that the city has concerns about, but for now by-law enforcement are letting it go.

With all this serious stuff going on, please consider going to the Holiday Hoopla ! Tamara ( Rec Org President ) asked us to send this out. Some people thought due to the picket line this would be cancelled, but has not.

Rec Org Adult Holiday Hoopla

December 6th

Hart Community Centre


 $25 each for members (max 2 tickets per member)

 $60 each for non-members

 Tamara will have tickets with her on the line Thursday and Friday

In solidarity and with the greatest respect to all of you on line.


Dale Laluk Vice President CUPE #3799

University of Northern BC Support Staff