Job Action update for Friday November 15th


Last day of the week and we are changing things up a bit. The supplying of meals to the picket lines has proven to be a decisive issue. The main campus has enjoyed several deep fried turkeys, many wonderful soups, hamburgers and hotdogs and other fine things while the WIDC and Terrace has been left behind. The Executive has decided that to make things fairer we will no longer provide a larger meal item and rather rely on whatever is donated from the public or other unions. At this time we will still provide coffee and will have the generator running such that if someone brings in a kettle, we could have tea or hot chocolate.

Friday will see bargaining underway at the Ramada in downtown PG. We would like to suggest that members shift their picket line location to the WIDC. We would like to see a solid line of picketers out and making our presence known to the bargaining teams. Please be cognizant of the parking regulations downtown . Note the picket times downtown are 8am to 3 pm. Please plan such that you can get your 4 hours picket duty in. As a way to lure more people downtown, Scott will be doing a deep fried turkey for the picketers around 11:30. Yes I realize the paragraph above says we are stopping such meals, but figured the picketers downtown deserved it.

The shuttle bus will remain running up and down the hill for people picketing the main campus. We are still working on refining the timing to eliminate issues.

Caroline has had many a discussion with the membership, the FA, the TA’s, students and the general public while on the line. Overwhelmingly there is support for the FA and the protection of UNBC that we all have contributed to make the great institution it is. Now to convince senior management and the bargaining team of that !

Thanks to everyone out on the line. Say hi to your fellow union member out on the line. Never in the history of UNBC has it seen 4 different unions out on a picket line in a show of solidarity ! The UNBC Faculty Association, CUPE 3799 Support Staff, CUPE 2278 and Unite Here 40 Food workers all understand it, why can’t UNBC management get it ?

In Solidarity,


Dale Laluk Vice President CUPE #3799

University of Northern BC Support Staff