CUPE 3799 Hardship Fund Announcement

Hello everyone: Following the vote at Thursday’s Special General Membership Meeting, we have created a CUPE 3799 Strike Hardship Fund Committee. The members of the committee are:

Peter James (chair)

Carol Fedyk

Aneta Douglass

Jean Bowen

Caroline Sewell (ex-officio, cheque signor)

The Committee has drafted guidelines as well as an application form. Both are attached and applications may be submitted immediately. If you have any questions about the form, please contact Peter at

We are grateful for the financial support that the Strike Hardship Fund has already received, and we are continuing to collect money so that we can help as many of our members as possible. If you, or anyone you know, would like to contribute, funds can be donated by cash or cheque (made payable to “CUPE 3799 hardship”) to any member of the Committee.

Thank you to the members who supported the creation of this fund and to all of those who have given their time to help us get started quickly.

Peter James

Chair, CUPE 3799 Strike Hardship Fund Committee

CUPE 3799 Strike Hardship Fund Application (Word)

CUPE 3799 Strike Hardship Fund Guidelines-finaledit (Word)

CUPE 3799 Strike Hardship Fund Guidelines-finaledit (PDF)

CUPE 3799 Strike Hardship Fund Application (PDF)