November 26th update CUPE3799

I believe it is a good day, we have a level of progress made. While I have not been on the line given a sprained ankle walking uneven terrain last week, I have been busy on the back end of things – making phone calls, dealing with things as they arrive and trying desperately to get caught up on my email. I cannot get caught up as it is coming in faster than I can answer.

First off, I want to deal with this lingering question that seems to hang over us with what happens to people that cross the picket lines. The Local may have been seen as avoiding the question at our meetings, not because we don’t know the answer, but because we do. We think we can get through this without people crossing the line. The answers to your question lie in the CUPE National Constitution, as we have always advised you. For those of you proficient with searching the Internet you need to go no further than “CUPE National Constitution”, the document is easy to find and broken down in sections, it’s easy to read through.

We are summarizing below:

“Any member of the local could file a complaint against the member who crossed the picket line under the CUPE National Constitution, and the penalty could include a fine and/or removal of their membership in good standing.

The member would need to file a trial complaint and then go through the National trial process. There is no automatic fine process as it is a trial.

Only a member in good standing can attend and vote at General Membership Meetings, run for any elected Union positions, vote in those elections, and participate as a delegate of the Local Union.”

If it’s process you seek, it’s in the Constitution.

Next – good news with the Faculty Association contacting the Labour Minister to seek a mediator to address the matters before the Faculty Association and the employer. This is very exciting news for us all.

I want you all to know that the Faculty Association are keenly aware of our deadline date with regards to Christmas Stats. I have advised them and then re-confirmed the date again with Stephen Rader this evening.

I know we are all supporting the efforts of the Faculty Association and so many of you have been simply amazing with everything so far. You have shown up every day, done your very best to endure the cold and made the best of a bad circumstance as a result of this job action.

Please know that the Executive are very aware of the concerns of the members. We are waiting to see how things play out over the next 24 hours and we will go from there.

We will let you know when we know more. Please check here, and on the employer’s website/FA website, if you haven’t already been doing so.

I’m hopeful to see something change in the next 24 hours.

Respectfully & in solidarity,