November 27th, 2019 update for CUPE 3799

Sorry for a late update tonight, I have been addressing matters arising later in the day, this evening, so I am late in sending out an update.

One matter arising, another request from management with regards to altering the Essential Service Order (ESO) so they can bring in a member to deal with things that are beginning to pile up. I have forwarded that request off to the Executive for further discussion.

In addition to reviewing this request and forwarding the matter on the to the Executive, I emailed the employer with regards to the matters that the Union has put forward to the University prior to the Union going out on the picket line and the employer has not responded to a single request from the Union but they keep asking for more, every day.

Secondly, I was advised of a post to a FB chat by a CUPE member. That really set me back and made it difficult for me to address the membership tonight; it was apparent that it doesn’t matter what I post or what I say – completely incorrect information will be posted online anyways, and from a fellow CUPE member. For shame. Get the facts before you post!!

The food bank is bursting! That’s amazing. If you need a food hamper, please contact Joyce Henley. An email was sent out earlier this evening with regards to the food bank. Joyce has done an amazing job with organizing this effort. If you need help with a food basket or a gift card to a grocery store, please let Joyce know.

An email from Peter James was also sent out this evening. The Hardship Committee and fund were set up to assist members that are struggling while supporting the picket lines. The applications have been surprisingly low, according to the committee, they expected more applications right off the bat. If you are struggling, please consider putting your application in. As I’ve told the Committee – I am serving as an ex-officio member. What does that mean? I am there to provide oversight to the structure (now in place), provide information and guidance as needed (not needed to date), cast a deciding vote if needed, act as an agent to send email out to the Local membership and to be a liaison to the Executive with regards to a signing authority.  If you are concerned that an Exec is sitting on the Committee – there is not an Executive member included in the application or decision process

The Executive are meeting tomorrow afternoon, just as a note of interest.

It is the Executive’s hope that the mediator can draw this job action to an end in short order.