Bargaining Update – Thursday, November 28th

End of day, no relief yet from picketing.


Please know that the Union is keenly aware of the date and we know the requirements that need to be met for workers of CUPE 3799 to be eligible for the stat pay and Presidential Discretionary Days. Your concerns, your worries – they are borne by the Executive members. I have been in discussions and I am trying to find a resolve.


The Executive met this afternoon and discussed many things before us such as this.


What did we discuss:

  1. Sick pay – what qualifies and what does not? Going between 2015 and 2019 job actions, it is noted that those requesting exemptions for a day of sickness goes up equally with time required on the picket line. Please be mindful of your request as many requests coming in would not be accepted by the employer at all and I think those members requesting after the fact, already know that the employer would not accept a leave for sick pay a day or two after the fact.


Requests are coming in requesting exemption from last week. In those cases, strike pay has already been completed and submitted. Please by aware – strike pay is not automatically given to anyone that requests it. For example: if you have an appointment, try to schedule it so you can get your four hours of picket duty in. We are really challenging people – you have to do four hours – we are giving you about 7 or 8 hours roughly to get those 4 hours in. Please assist us in making sure you get paid for the day. We are open to options.


The Executive are truly trying to deal with requests but there needs to be some sense normal work life when it comes to submitting a request for exemption. The employer would not wait 2 or 3 days to be advised you are unable to come in to work – yet this occurs regularly with requests coming in to the Union. I think I can speak for the Union on this one – if the employer would  not accept it, why would you expect the Union to accept it.


You would not miss work for 3 days and then contact the employer after the fact. You would not show up for work for 2 weeks without contacting your employer and still expect your job to be sitting there.


  1. Hardship Committee Funds – Maximum amounts. The Hardship Committee drafted guidelines and an application form which were approved by the Executive last weekend. Since forming the Committee, the members wanted to change the maximum amount per donation. The Executive discussed and replied to the Committee. The Executive want to stipulate that the hardship funds are available to those CUPE 3799 members that have been actively picketing. The rationale, if you have not been actively picketing, you are missing out on funds already available to you that come very close to your day to day pay. Strike pay is tax free. $100.00 a day is actually pretty close to normal take home pay for most of us when you consider you are paying zero tax, and zero towards benefits that are still available to you. CUPE National is paying for your benefits. If you have not done any picket duty at all – the Executive would expect the committee to have a rationale as to why not prior to handing out funds with regards to hardship funds.


While we discussed other matters, I cannot expand on those topics here tonight.


We have our CUPE BC President joining us on the line tomorrow, Brother Paul Faoro. He is arriving in town around 9:30 a.m. We will welcome up to the main campus and then bring down to the WIDC location, simply because the picket line at WIDC goes down later now than  the main campus,


I will do my best to be on the picket line tomorrow. My foot is still incredibly sore and swollen but honestly I am missing my University peeps! I want to get out and talk with you all.


Fingers, toes, and even eyeballs crossed that there is resolution to this mess this weekend. We all want to go back to work!


Respectfully & in solidarity,