March General Membership Meeting

With the COVID-19 crisis at present the March General Membership meeting will be conducted entirely via Bluejeans. Please use a computer to log into the meeting. As this will be our first attempt using the technology this way please try coming into the meeting early and get the bugs worked out. If you encounter an issue please email and I will attempt to get you into the meeting. The meeting link will be sent out by Marlina on Wednesday. There will be no one in the Senate Chambers, so please join from a computer.

Please test your set up in advance

  • Participants can join our test meeting ( ahead of time to check connectivity. In this test meeting, users will see a parrot video that repeats what is said with a different tone.
  • Navigate to Settings (gear-wheel located in the bottom-right corner of the BlueJeans app meeting panel), test the microphone by observing the blue line going up and down when you talk, and click test sound to check speaker functions. Toggle between the options to check the right audio/camera device.