CUPE 3799 Elections Recap/minder!

Happy Black History Month! And Happy Lunar New Year! Thank you to everyone who attended the General Membership meeting last week and those of you who put your name forward (or accepted a nomination) for the positions we have up for election this year. For those of you unable to attend here’s a recap: 

Chief Elections Officer: Kathy Shaw – kshaw@cupe3799.caAssistant: Mandi Schwarz – 
A huge thank you to both of you for agreeing to help with the elections! 
If you would like to put forward a nomination, we ask that you do so in writing and cc the person you are nominating on the email so that they can accept their nominations.  This email can go to our Chief Election Officer at her email noted above. The deadline for nominations is February 15, 2022. 
Here is the list of the positions that were brought forward at the last meeting and the names of who, if anyone, was nominated: 
Executive positions: 
Vice President (term to 2024): Dale Laluk (current) and Tamara SweetTreasure (term to 2024): Kathleen DenisChief Shop Steward (term to 2023): Peter James Membership Officer (was Seargent at Arms term to 2024): Dawn ZemouraTrustee (term to 2025): No nominations accepted at meeting
Joint Health & Safety Committee (Alternate Rep: term to 2024): Alan AlgerEducation Committee Chair (term to 2024): No nominations at meetingHardship Commitee Chair (term to 2024): Peter James 
But wait, there’s more!!! A lot more. We didn’t realize until after the meeting that there are actually several more committee positions that are up for election as well. They are: 
Joint Health & Safety Committee (main rep to 2024)
Engagement Committee (term to 2024)
Good of the Union (term to 2024) 
Post-Retirement Benefits Committee (term to 2024)

Post-Retirement Claims Committee (term to 2024)
Pension Board Trustee (term to 2024) 
There are a couple of attachments with this email. One is a copy of the CUPE 3799 Position Descriptions and the second is a list of the CUPE 3799 committees and their roles. 
Finally, I have appointed Marika Zacharias as Recording Secretary. Marika wasn’t able to attend the meeting and so wasn’t able to be sworn in. However, for many reasons we would like her to start in this role as soon as possible. So, if there are no objections from the membership we would like her to start at our February 9th Executive meeting and then swear her in at the February General Membership meeting. If you have objections please feel free to email me with your concerns. 
If you have any questions, about the elections or the nomination process, please don’t hesitate to ask!  
Joyce L. Henley (She/Her) President CUPE Local 3799 (University of Northern BC Support Staff)Elected Staff Member UNBC Board of Governors Member of the President’s EDI Task Force 

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