Monday November 11th, Remembrance Day

As our minds are thinking about the ongoing strike situation at UNBC please take a few moments, consider going to a Remembrance Day ceremony or at least watch one of TV. The sacrifices they made for the many, is what keeps our country free and the ability for us speak up and protest. We wish all veteran’s the best and know you are in our hearts and minds.


Day 1 FA on strike, CUPE 3799 out in support !

The solidarity shown by CUPE 3799 today in support of the Faculty Association was amazing ! We heard from the members about some issues with the shuttle, we heard from bylaws services ( fastest response ever seen by them ), we heard from UNBC Security Services and from our fellow unions offering support. The resolve of the membership and the support provided goes a long way to shorten the strike. We must mention that you can not park at the Northern Sports Centre, even if you have paid for Read more [...]

UNBC Faculty Association serves strike notice. CUPE 3799 will be affected.

The Faculty Association has served notice on the University of their intention to have strike effective Thursday November 7th at 7 am. The CUPE Executive will be meeting Monday at lunch time to finalize plans. If you have not signed up for the labour action newsletter, please use the form on the main page to enter your personal email address. Further emails will be sent out only through that system.

CUPE 3799 members serving on a variety of CUPE BC Committees

Every two years CUPE BC asks for people to serve on various CUPE BC Committees. Our local has a long history of providing some of the most knowledgeable and energized members in a variety of areas. Congratulations to Caroline Sewell - University Sector, Dale Laluk - Skilled Trades, Joyce Henley - Workers of Colour , Michelle Stephen - Pink Triangle Read more [...]

CUPE 3799 Well represented on CUPE BC Committees

Every two years CUPE BC names various members to CUPE BC Committees. Our local has been fortunate to have several members named. CUPE BC covers all associated costs for sending the people to meetings, hotels and release time. The people who assigned and which committee they represent are :

Caroline Sewell = University President

Dale Laluk = Skilled Trades

Michelle Stephen = Pink Triangle

Workers of Color = Joyce Henley

CUPE 3799 Preparing for a Successful Strike Training

In preparation for a potential requirement to support the Faculty Association there will be strike line training on Saturday October 19th at the Prince George Area Office of CUPE. 1505 Victoria St. Prince George, BC. Class will start at 9:00 am.  This workshop covers the four pillars of a well run strike: administration, finance/strike pay, communications and picket schedules. We will also go over the legalities of a picket line and what can and can't be done. If you wish to be more involved Read more [...]

CUPE 3799 attended the 56th Annual CUPE Convention

The 56th Annual CUPE Convention was held in Victoria BC May 1st to May 4th. A full convention report will be provided at the next general membership meeting but the highlights would be a visit from the Premier of the Province, CUPE President and Secretary Treasurer reports and Ivan Coyote who will be coming to UNBC as a writer in residence. We had elections for all of the CUPE BC Executive board and the Northern RVP and alternate.   Read more [...]

Post-Secondary Workplace Sexual Violence and Harassment Survey

Dear brothers, sisters, and friends, In the past few years, CUPE members have consistently identified sexual violence and harassment as one of the most important issues facing our members in the post-secondary sector. In 2017, CUPE members passed a resolution at convention calling for a toolkit on the topic of sexual violence at work. In late 2018, CUPE released the Stop Workplace Sexual Violence guide for CUPE locals. Five provinces have now adopted legislation requiring post-secondary Read more [...]

Myth buster: The corporatization of post-secondary education

As public funding has fallen, universities and colleges have increasingly turned to private funding to fill in the gap. But many donations and corporate contracts come with strings attached and can end up compromising academic freedom, re-directing the priorities of post-secondary institutions away from the public interest, and eroding public faith in the quality of research and teaching. Don’t fall for these common excuses as to why private funding of post-secondary education isn’t a matter Read more [...]