CUPE, CLC launch united response to defend union security

Conservative attacks on free trade unions are growing. CUPE and the Canadian Labour Congress are standing up to take action. Bill C-377 represents an unprecedented intrusion into the independent affairs of all unions. Cuts to Employment Insurance, Old Age Security and other services within the context of fiscal austerity, the elimination of the Fair Wages and Hours of Labour Act, along with regressive changes to the Temporary Foreign Workers Program all represent an ongoing attack on ordinary working Read more [...]

New printed contract getting closer

The bargaining team has met twice to go over the final collective agreement wording and UNBC has put forward some minor revisions in wording, spelling and punctuation. Now two stewards have volunteered to go over the document one last time to ensure what was agreed to, is in there.  Then it has to be signed off formally between the union and UNBC. Once that it is done it can be sent to the printers and will be made available as a PDF on our website.

International Woman’s Day in PG

Over 250 people came out to celebrate International Woman’s Day, including 7 from our local and one Grad student. The room heard inspirational stories from two different woman of the hardships they have encountered during life and how they have turned a bad situation around, to the point of it being a positive. The breakfast put on by the Coast Inn Unite Now Local#40 staff was well received by the group and nice to see fellow unionists doing the movement proud.

Dealing with Distressed People in the Workplace

CUPE #3799 partnered with Human Resources to bring forward a brown bag lunch time session on dealing with distressed people on the front line. Dr. Glen Schmidt gave an excellent presentation about: How do you diffuse angry individuals? How do you deflect anger?; How to communicate effectively with persons in various emotional conditions, including depressed, drug-induced, psychotic, etc.; Recognize the source of anger; How not to personalize the direction of anger; and How to be aware of your Read more [...]

January general membership meeting – nomination results

Good day, The general membership meeting on January 30th, 2013 was a nomination meeting for positions on the CUPE Local 3799 Executive Board. Some positions were elected by acclamation: President – Caroline Sewell; Chief Shop Steward – Dale Laluk; Trustee Three Year – Annick Pereira. The position of Recording-Secretary was vacated by Dawn Gonzalez and remains vacant at this time. This position will be open for nominations at the February 27th, 2013 general membership meeting. Sergeant-at-Arms Read more [...]

General Meeting – Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Good day, This upcoming general membership meeting on Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 is going to be a busy meeting! With the January meeting comes the call for nominations for various positions on the Executive Board, with the addition of one position usually nominated in the even years; the floor is open for nominations for: President, Recording-Secretary, Chief Shop Steward, Sergeant-At-Arms and a 3-Year Trustee position. The Executive have appointed an Elections Committee which will be in charge Read more [...]