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Want to attend a training event?

Fill out a Request to Attend Training form, Travel Authorization form, and a Leave form and forward them to Please CC the chair of the Education Committee at Forms must be received by the stated deadline or at least 7 weeks before the training event to give us time to get approval from the Executive and/or the membership. Please be aware that members who attend training must report to the membership at the following General Membership meeting.
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Request package:
Request to Attend Training: (fillable .pdf)
Leave form: (fillable .pdf)
Travel Authorization: (.xls)
Travel Claim form: (.xls)
CUPE BC expense policy (.pdf)

And a bonus:
Tips for attending events: (Google doc)
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The Process:

All the forms you need are listed above. When an event is announced, or you find one you’d like to take part in, fill out the Request to Attend Training form and the Travel Authorization form. Fill out a leave form, and bring it to the CUPE office (room 4-160) for Caroline to initial. When it has been initialed, get your supervisor’s signature and return a copy of the Leave form (do not submit it to HR until your request is approved), the Request form, and the Travel Authorization form to and CC, or drop them off at the CUPE office. The Education Committee will review the submissions and the budget available and send a recommendation to the Executive, who will approve the recommendation if there is a dedicated budget line, or put forward a recommendation at the General Membership meeting.

As you prepare for the training event, you may submit an Advance request using the Travel Claim form above. This is intended to cover the cost of flights or other travel that had to be paid for ahead of the event.

When you return, submit pertinent receipts using the Travel Claim form to the CUPE office. You will be contacted when the cheque is ready for pick up. You are also required to report to the General Membership at the next meeting.
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CUPE BC Education

On the CUPE BC Education page, you can find the upcoming Schools. Other CUPE BC Education opportunities can be found on the CUPE National Education Calendar (pre-limited to BC only).
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Previous Sessions

Behavioral Interviewing Methods (video) – Sheila Page – Sep 2012
Dealing with Distressed People on the Front Lines (video and slides) – Dr. Glen Schmidt – Feb 2013
Respect in the Workplace (slides) – Adriana Wills and Mitch Guitard – Jun 2013
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Have a question or some feedback?  Contact the chair of the Education Committee at