The union office is located behind security in room 4-159. The union board room is next door in room 4-161.

Phone: 250-960-5001


Mailing address : P. O. Box 3057, Station “A”
Prince George, BC V2N 4T8

Executive and Trustees

The Officers of your local consist of 6 Executive Board Members & 3 Trustees.
Joyce HenleyPresident250-960-6327Joyce Henley
Tamara SweetVice President250-960-6616Tamara Sweet
Jo-Anne WoodsRecording Secretary250-960-6321Jo-Anne Woods
Meagan JagoSecretary-Treasurer 250-906-5153Meagan Jago
Peter JamesLead Shop Steward
250-960-5420Peter James
Dawn ZemouraMembership Officer250-960-5236Dawn Zemoura
Angela GallantTrustee250-960-6677Angela Gallant
Kefyn WatkinsTrustee250-960-6315Kefyn Watkins
VacantTrusteeEmail Joyce for more information on this position

Shop Stewards

We're always looking for more Shop Stewards! Stewards at UNBC can represent any member in any Dept, they are not Dept specific.
If you are interested in becoming a Shop Steward, please reach out to Peter.
Peter JamesLead Shop Steward250-960-5420Peter James
Afton ZralSteward250-960-5113Afton Zral
Dale LalukSteward250-960-5101Dale Laluk
Emily GadzalaSteward
File Management
250-960-5680Emily Gadzala
Joyce HenleySteward250-960-6327Joyce Henley
Caroline SewellSteward250-960-5660 Caroline Sewell
Kathy ShawSteward
250-960-5712Kathy Shaw