Union Education

CUPE 3799 believes in education for our members. A variety of educational resources are available concerning union matters.

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Upcoming events
Want to attend a training event?
Required forms
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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events (events announced by committee chair)
CUPE event calendar (pre-limited to BC)

Want to attend a training event?

Fill out a Request to Attend Training form, Travel Authorization form, and a Leave form and forward them to contact@cupe3799.ca. Please CC the chair of the Education Committee at mschwarz@cupe3799.ca. Forms must be received by the stated deadline or at least 5 weeks before the training event to give us time to get approval from the Executive and/or the membership. Please be aware that members who attend training must report to the membership at the following General Membership meeting.

Required Forms

These forms must be submitted when requesting training:
Request to attend training (pdf)
Travel authorization (pdf) (xls)
Leave form (pdf) (must include supervisor’s signature; do not submit the form to HR until the request has been approved and the local’s President has initialed the form)

After training, submit a travel claim with their approved travel authorization, receipts for airfare, mileage, accommodation, etc and the fixed rate for per diems (no receipts necessary); send this to contact@cupe3799.ca or drop it off at the CUPE office (4-160)
Travel claim form (pdf)

If a travel advance is required, complete a travel claim form with the appropriate receipts and clearly mark it as an advance request. Make and keep a copy of the form before submitting it. Include this copy when submitting the final travel claim.

How this works

The Education Committee chair monitors upcoming education opportunities and sends a notice to the membership when a course or school is announced.

Members are welcome to proactively look for opportunities; requests must be submitted to the committee at least 5 weeks before the registration deadline.

There are four regular schools that are available each year:

  • Northern Area District Council (NADC) hosts a spring and a fall school. Usually, one of these is held in Prince George; the other is held in another northern community.
  • CUPE BC also hosts a spring and a fall school; these schools primarily offer executive-level courses.

When a member submits a request to attend a training event, the committee chair presents the request to the committee. The event information, anticipated budget, and statement of interest provided by the member are shared with the committee; the member’s name is not included. The committee reviews the request and makes a recommendation, which is sent to the local’s Executive. Additional information provided to the Executive includes the member’s training history, but their name remains confidential until the request is approved or denied.

When the chair is informed of the Executive’s decision, the member is contacted. If the request has been approved, additional information is provided, such as registration instructions. Typically, the CUPE office administrator will complete the registration. The member must book their travel, and if accommodation is not included in the registration cost, the member is responsible for booking that as well.

After the training, the member must provide a report at a General Membership Meeting.

Please contact the Education Committee Chair, Mandi Schwarz, at mschwarz@cupe3799.ca with questions or comments.